Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bugs and Such

Thursday, July 8th
Khon Kaen, Thailand

After leaving Ban Maeta we went to the Khon Kaen Night Market. The Night Market is located on a huge street that is blocked off at both ends, filled with street vendors selling everything from clothes, movies and music to fruit, Thai food, and bugs.

So... I bet you're wondering what we ate tonight, huh? A lot of bugs and a really strange fruit were on the menu!

First we ate crickets. My personal favorite. Crunchy and tasty.

Then large grasshoppers. Taste good but it's a little awkward pulling their legs off first (so they don't get stuck in your throat).

Following the crickets and grasshoppers was durian, a yellow fruit that smells like rotten eggs, but actually tastes good. It is a little stringy on the outside and like a custard on the inside. It is definitely as strange as it sounds. Surprisingly though, it was good and tastes nothing like it smells.

We then finished the evening with grubs. Seriously, we ate grubs! And let me tell you, I thought it tasted like the crickets at first, until I bit it and the inside squished out! It was really gross, but somehow we finished it.

To get rid of the squishy grub taste, we ate more crickets :) Yum! And some of my favorite fruits: dragon fruit and lychee.

If you don't believe me, there is proof! There is a video of Glen, Jeremy, Miguel and I eating all of these, um...delicacies. So... anyone hungry?



  1. I definitely want to see this video! Did Keith eat any?

  2. Btw,
    I'm gonna be the one to leave the most comments :)

  3. Hi Tif and Jes, We wanna see PICTURES, girls, and that VIDEO! Also Fiore wants to know where Thailand is? Love ya and miss yas Muti

  4. Are you going to bring me back some crickets?! I'll take a bag of crickets and something pretty, please! :D
    Love you girl! Can't wait to see you :D