Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Bangkok, Thailand

Sa-Wat-Dee-Ka! (Hello in Thai)

Our team of 23 from Palm Valley left McAllen on July 6th at 5:43 am. We flew to Memphis and then Minneapolis. In Minneapolis we had a 4 hour layover, and left for Tokyo at 2:15 pm. The flight to Tokyo was 13 hours! We got to Tokyo, went through security and left for Bangkok at 6:35pm July 7th. We arrived in Bangkok at midnight.

Tomorrow we will be catching an early flight to Khon Kaen, where we will meet up with our hosts from Mercy International. We will be spending the Day at Ban Maeta Khon Kaen (House of Mercy Khon Kaen).

Mercy International has several children's homes all over Thailand and Khon Kaen will be the first one we visit. I am extremely excited because Khon Kaen was where I volunteered in 2005.

More to come tomorrow!

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  1. Awesome!!! We are Glad to know you guys made it safely.....We are praying for you guys and look forward to hearing your stories and seeing the pix!!! XOXO Jess!!!