Saturday, July 17, 2010

Last Day in Phetchabun

Sunday, July 11th
Phetchabun, Thailand

Today we got up early to eat breakfast with the kids, who were all still in their pajamas. After breakfast a bunch of the older kids began setting up chairs for church, since they use the same building.

I went with Woot and Ahm to the little boys house. While they took turns getting ready for church, I read books to them. They liked hearing what we were saying in English and then they would look at the pictures and translate it into Thai. Some of their books were written in English and Thai, so we would take turns reading in both languages.

When all the boys were ready, Aon, their housemother, made coffee for me and then put on a movie for all the boys to watch.

Church was awesome. Nelly played drums with the Thai band. A group of us (Nelly, Glenn, Amanda, Raven, Clarissa and I) sang for everyone and Jeremy was today's speaker with Jain interpreting. Jeremy talked about David and the fact that no one believed in him but he didn't give up, he followed his dreams.

It was really neat for me to see Santee play the drums and Dtoi sing during the service. I was so proud of those two boys!

The coolest part was when the band played "Mighty To Save". I could hear people singing it in Thai and English at the same time.

Carrie wanted everyone to see one of our songs, so we totally broke out "Supertones Strike Back". Then she told everyone in Thai that they had to stand up and do it with us...and they actually did! It was so fun to see everyone, not just the kids, dancing to the Supertones with us!

After church I gave Woot a bracelet I made for him. He absolutely loved it.

After lunch a bunch of us packed in to the back of Carries pickup and Diana and her husband took us to see the farm. One of the goals of Mercy International is to be self-sufficient, so they have started quite a large farm to provide food and income for the orphanages. They have a farm where they grow a lot of fruit trees and vegetables, they have a fish farm and a cattle farm with cows, goats and chickens. All three are doing quite well. They also have some rice fields, but it will be a few years before they are ready to plant rice.

When we got back Nonette and I spent some time playing some of the older girls. They wanted us to teach them how to play Skip-bo. They had the game, but no instructions in Thai. So we did our best to teach them how to play using our limited knowledge of Thai. They caught on really quick.

After dinner we had an ice cream party with the kids. We bought ice cream in Lomsak and brought a bunch of toppings with us that they absolutely loved. We played and danced with the kids until it was time for them to go to bed. I was so sad, because tomorrow we have to say goodbye to these kids. And I will really miss them.


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